Garage Door Repair and Replacement Costs

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February 17, 2016
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Garage Door Repair and Replacement Costs

Garage door repair is a service that is likely to become useful to every homeowner that owns a home with a garage, at some point or another. Though they may seem to be simple mechanisms, garage doors are actually quite complex; which leaves plenty of room for something to break or otherwise cause malfunction. The garage door is one of the primary entrances to the home and so it is therefore imperative that it remains functioning appropriately at all times.

If you are noticing that your garage door is not functioning properly, or are experiencing other complications, then you need the help of an experienced and trusted garage door service company. AGS Home Services provides professional garage door repairs, maintenance work and replacements that you can rely on to serve you and your family well for years to come.

In the instance that you find yourself faced with the seemingly unfortunate reality of having to hire a professional garage door repair company to service your garage door, it might prove helpful to be somewhat educated on average costs for common repairs.

Garage Door Repairs and Their Varying Costs

There are some maintenance tasks that can be done without the help of a trained professional. However, it is a good idea to schedule routine maintenance and inspections by a trusted professional, which will assess the condition of your garage door and opener, as well as any and all adjacent components.

The cost of most repairs will be dependent on the style of garage door that your home features. This is due to the fact that some repairs are harder than others; but not only that the parts are more expensive. For example, single roll-up doors, as well as single tile-up doors are by far the most cost-effective garage door to maintain and repair. Conversely, custom roll-up doors are a step up on the cost ladder, and solid wood garage doors stand at the top of the list of costliest garage doors to maintain and repair. These repair costs vary mainly because the parts needed to repair and replace will need to be made by the same manufacturer who fabricated the door.

Common Garage Door Repairs and Their Costs

Though you can expect these prices to vary slightly depending on make and model of garage door, here are some common garage door repairs and their average associated costs:

  • A garage door that will not close or open

A number of things could cause your garage door to stick in place. The most common are:

  • Opener – A garage door that does not open or close could be that result of something as simple as the opener. Checking the batteries in your opener should be your first line of defense against this type of problem. If you find that the batteries need replacing, this is a very inexpensive repair.
  • Sensor obstruction – A simple sensor obstruction is enough to cause your garage door not to open or close on demand. If your garage door is equipped with sensors, check to be sure there is nothing blocking the mechanism. This will cost you nothing to repair.
  • Wheel track obstructions – Sometimes a small dent or bend may obstruct the wheel track of your garage door causing it to not function properly. Try manually opening or closing the door to see if you notice an obstruction. If you do find that there is an obstruction, this repair will run you on average $133 to $154.
  • Uneven hanging doors – A garage door that is hanging unevenly will generally cost around $125 to repair and rehang.
  • Improper or uneven movement of the garage door

Two of the most common causes for a garage door that moves unevenly are:

  • Track issues – A warped track can cause your garage door to not move evenly, and in some cases may prevent it from moving at all. The degree of damage will dictate the final cost to repair, but on average a track repair runs about $133 to $154.
  • Spring issues – One of the most common causes for uneven movement for a garage door is an issue with the spring mechanism. Repairing a garage door spring, such as a torsion spring, requires the help of a professional to avoid injury, as the tension within the spring is significant. A spring repair generally costs around $300 or even more in some instances.
  • A noisy garage door

A garage door that screeches, squeals, or grinds is usually indicative of a need for lubricant or even a buildup of debris or dirt in the tracks. Removing accumulation of debris from tracks or coating the tracks with a specially formulated lubricant will prove to be an inexpensive remedy. However, if your garage door still makes noise, you will need to hire a professional to come out for a track repair. Track repairs generally cost around $155.

  • Garage door slips or falls – quickly

A garage door that slips or falls likely has a broken cable or chain. A cable or chain repair from a professional garage door repair company will cost on average around $150 to $200.

AGS Home Services – Your Trusted Provider for Honest, Reliable and Affordable Garage Door Repair

Since your garage door is a major entryway into your home, it is therefore crucial that you keep it functioning optimally at all times. Investing in regular routine maintenance is the best way to ensure that your garage door will function properly for many years to come. If you do happen to find yourself in need of garage door repair, however, it is always best to call a trusted garage door repair professional to help you remedy the situation. The benefits that come along with hiring an honest and reliable garage door repair company like AGS Home Services, far outweigh the affordable costs that you will incur in taking advantage of our services.

For any type of garage door repair, call AGS Home Services today at (940) 343-7537.


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