Garage Door Repair Sometimes Includes Replacing Your Cables

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August 8, 2016
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Garage Door Repair Sometimes Includes Replacing Your Cables

At some point in time as a homeowner, you are inevitably going to need to do some type of garage door repair to your home. Something will come loose, a cable will snap, or a roller will need to be replaced. Most types of garage door repair are not a big deal, but others require you to call in the professionals in order to make sure you are safe during the entire process. If you are not sure that you can safely perform the garage door repair, err on the side of caution and call in the experts. However, if you have confidence you can do the repair, here are the basic steps for replacing the cables to your garage door.

Before Doing Anything, You Must Be Prepared for the Garage Door Repair

Getting prepared is important no matter what type of garage door repair you are attempting. Garage doors are heavy pieces of equipment, and should you not be prepared, you could end up doing something where you or someone else, ends up hurt. You should make sure that all of your clothing is taut and not loosely hanging, and that you have taken off any dangling jewelry. You want to wear shoes that are going to cover your entire food, and safety glasses to protect your eyes. You also want to have the right tools on hand. To replace your cables, you are going to need tools like vice grips, sockets and wrenches, winding bars, an adjustable step ladder, a screwdriver or two, and the cable to replace the broken cable with.

The Steps to Replacing Broken Cables from Your Garage Door

To begin your garage door repair, you must first unplug your garage door unit and pull the emergency release handle that comes from the opener itself. It is typically a red rope that hangs down from the overhead track and allows you to both open and close the door by hand. For this particular garage door repair, you want the door open. Take your vice grips and place them immediately below the open door to hold it in the upright position. At the center of your garage door, you should see a set of screws located on the springs. You want to loosen each set by a quarter-turn at a time until there is no tension left in the spring itself with the winding bars. This is a slow process, but it should not be rushed as the springs are under a great deal of pressure, so they must be loosened properly to avoid injury.

Once the tension is gone, the real garage door repair can begin. Next, you need to go over to the cable drum and loosen the screws that are holding it together. Open up the drum and take out the cable that helps to raise and lower the garage door. Follow the track down and locate the lag screw. Then, find the appropriate socket and ratchet to undo the screw. Once the old cable has been removed, put the new garage door cable into place, reattaching the lag screw and replacing the bracket you just took apart. Feed the cable back up to the drum and reattach the drum. Once the garage door repair is done on one side, you need to do the same to the other side of the door so that both cables are replaced at the same time. You need to make sure that none of the cables have overlapped and are straight before you go any further with this garage door repair.

The drum will need to be turned in a counterclockwise direction to tighten any slack in the cable prior to proceeding. Once the cable is completely taught, you then reattach the screws and tighten them down completely. From there, you need to complete your garage door repair by going back to your winding bars. Remember that you must continue turning the tension up at the same slow rate as you unwound it, a quarter-turn at a time. Going faster can mess up your springs and leave you with a garage door repair that does not actually repair your door.

Completing Your Garage Door Repair

The final steps to your garage door repair include removing the vice grips from the tracks in the door and allowing the door to slowly close. Then, you should plug your garage door opening unit and reengage the red rope of the garage door and push the button for the door to raise back up to its original position. If the garage door repair was done correctly, the door should raise up and you can then clean up all of the tools and safety equipment that you had to get out before starting your project.

When Garage Door Repair Is Not in Your Wheelhouse, Call Experts in to Do the Job for You

If you do not feel comfortable taking on garage door repair, then call on the expects at AGS Home Services. They can be reached at (940)343-7537, and they can help with any type of garage door repair you may need, from simple fixes to full replacement

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