Garage Door Repair: Top Ten Most Common Problems

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May 16, 2016
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Garage Door Repair: Top Ten Most Common Problems

We don’t give much thought to garage door repair. Your garage door doesn’t look complicated. When it malfunctions, it doesn’t seem like a huge problem. However, when all parts of your garage door are not working together properly, the problem can be a minor inconvenience or it can result in serious injury. Some problems with the garage door can be handled with minor repairs at home; others need a garage door repair professional to ensure safe repair.

It may be hard to tell when you can fix a problem yourself and when to call in the professionals for garage door repair.  Here are some common problems that occur in garage doors and how the problems can be fixed.

1. Faulty plugs and batteries

If your garage door won’t open at all, check the plug.  It could be as simple as the outlet no longer works. Check your outlet with another electronic device to ensure that it works. Also, check the batteries in the transmitter and the remote control. Replace if needed.

2. Obstructed sensor

Sensors rest a few inches above the ground on each side of the garage door. The lenses should be facing each other and kept clean. An LED light will come on to tell you that the sensor is working. If any object blocks the sensor, the garage door will not close.

If the sensor looks like it is functioning, check the wires near it. These can easily become damaged or knocked out of place. Replace these when necessary.

3. Rollers, tracks, and springs

The rollers and tracks on your garage door can become obstructed easily. Keep them clean, use a lubricant, and keep toys, children, and pets away from the garage door. Items in the wrong place can knock the garage door off its track or prevent it from working.

Check for gaps between rollers and the rail or bends in the rails. It is dangerous to operate the door with the track out of alignment. Call a garage door repair professional.

The springs support the weight of the door as it goes up and down the track. These should be inspected often for signs of wear and tear. Springs must be repaired and replaced by a garage door repair professional. Trying to replace them yourself can result in serious injury.

If you hear a loud crash, it could be your garage door. If the door closes suddenly or opens and closes only half way, you may need to repair the springs.

4. Frozen in winter

In extreme cold, the garage door can become frozen to the ground. You might press the switch and hear the motor running, but the door will not rise. Don’t keep running the motor if the door will not rise. This might damage the motor, gears, or coils. Take a hair dryer or use a de-icing product to melt the ice. Clean away all water and ice from the path of the door and tracks and try again.

5. Worn or broken cables and chains

Cables connect the springs to the bottom of the door on each side. Have a garage door repair professional look at them if they appear frayed. Don’t wait until they break as this can be hazardous.

Check the chain that pulls the garage door up. The chain should be tight enough that it doesn’t sag below the rail. Chains begin to sag due to wear and tear.

6. Loose brackets, nuts, or bolts

Cables are connected to brackets. Make sure each one is attached to the door. If not, call a garage door repair professional. Many newer doors are built so that a non-professional cannot adjust the brackets.

If you have tried several options and your door still does not open or close properly, check all of the nuts and bolts to ensure they are snug, but not too tight.

7. Garage door is too noisy

This can be an indication of several problems. First, tighten all the nuts around the door. Second, check the rollers. If they look worn, replace them. If your rollers in the bottom bracket need replacing, call a garage door repair professional. Third, check the hinges that house the roller stem. Replace any that have a hole that is not round in shape.

9. Garage door opens and closes randomly

Check the transmitters. Keep away from objects that can press the control button. Also, check your frequency. Your transmitter could be on the same frequency as one of your neighbors; therefore, it may open and close at the same time as your neighbor’s door.

10. Door goes all the way down, then back up

This could be the settings of the opener. These tell the door how far it should move before it closes. If the setting is too high, the door will think the ground is obstructing its path, the same as any toys or debris, and it will begin to rise. Make sure the setting is for the correct distance.

Your garage door should be inspected regularly to keep it in proper working order. The professionals at AGS Home Repair Services are experts in garage door repair. Call them today at (940) 343-7537. Whether you need routine maintenance or last minute repairs, AGS will make sure your garage door is safe and   working.

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