Garage Door Repair –Torsion or Extension Spring Repair?

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January 15, 2016
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March 16, 2016

Garage Door Repair –Torsion or Extension Spring Repair?

Garage Door Repair – Torsion or Extension Spring Repair? We will take a look at what you need to know about your garage door and the springs that make having your garage door repair. Spring replacement whether torsion or extension springs is quite common when it comes to garage door repair, but which type of spring do you have? How do you tell the difference? There are two common types of springs; torsion springs and extension springs. We will discuss both of them and help you understand the importance of what you have and what you need to do to extend the lifetime of your garage door and opener.

Torsion Springs

The average garage door weighs around 400 pounds, so whether you have torsion or extension springs they must be very strong. You probably have two springs mounted to your garage door. Torsion springs, generally are right above the door so that they have the ability to handle the weight of the door whenever you push the remote.  Torsion in the springs comes when the springs are tightened or ratcheted. This is a very dangerous task so it is best handled by the professionals at AGS Home Services in Denton, Texas. Give them a call and save yourself from the dangers of replacing the springs yourself.

Extension Springs

Since the average garage door weighs about 400 pounds, you may have extension springs installed. When you look at the ceiling of the garage, if you have extension springs they will run parallel to the tracks of the garage door. Extension springs are slightly easier to replace, but are still quite a chore and again are better served being done by the professionals. The professionals can save you time and certainly are safer than you doing the repair yourself.

Common things about Garage Door Repair

As stated earlier, the average garage door weighs about 400 pounds. Most garage doors have two springs. It makes sense that if one spring breaks, the other one is probably in bad shape as well. When the opportunity arises that one spring breaks, you should replace both springs. It makes perfectly good sense that both springs have opened and closed the garage door the same number of times. If one is bad, the other one is probably in just as bad of shape as the one that broke, and will probably leave you stranded either with the garage door open or your car will be held prisoner inside because the door won’t open. It is quite possible that both springs were manufactured in the same batch, thus making the chance of the unbroken spring breaking within the next little amount of time. Given the choice – replace both springs. Precaution wins and you get both springs replaced by the professionals at AGS Home Services.

There are several different sizes of springs for your garage door. You will need to use the correct spring for the size and weight of your garage door. This is very important when changing the garage door springs so that your door will be properly balanced. Proper balance when it comes to your garage door is important so that it extends the life of not only your garage door but the lifetime of your garage door opener.

You should perform a periodic safety inspection on your garage door. This can be done annually or whenever you check your smoke detector. Consider this fact: when your garage door was installed, all the hardware was installed at the same time. If you are having garage door problems, you should inspect the entire garage door to make sure you do not have any worn out parts that could cause yet another reason for you to make a call to the garage door repair center or AGS Home Services.

Garage door springs are rated according to cycles – one cycle for each up and down of the garage door. When replacing the springs in your garage door, you should try to get new springs that are rated for more than 5,000 to 10,000 cycles. Most spring installed on garage doors are only rated for about 5,000 cycles. The higher the cycle rating, the longer the springs should last.

You probably are wondering what the cost of garage door repair – torsion or extension springs will be? The most honest answer is the price will be based on the size of the door, the weight of the garaged door, as well as which type of springs need to be replaced. Give AGS Home Services a call to have a professional technician come out and give you the estimate for the repairs.

AGS Home Services in Denton, Texas can handle your garage door repair for both torsion and extension springs. Give them a call today to have your garage door repair addressed by qualified professionals.


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