Pool Maintenance Products – The Essentials

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December 15, 2015
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February 17, 2016

Pool Maintenance Products – The Essentials

There are a wide variety of pool maintenance products out there so this article will address the most widely used, in other words the essentials and why. With so many people having pools in their back yard, the need for information on how to maintain them is essential.  For the DIY pool maintenance people, this article will give you the necessary information to keep your pool in tip top shape without breaking the bank and without purchasing all the pool maintenance products you see at the pool shop. For those of you that are not the DIY kind, this will give you an insight as to what the pool maintenance company is doing to maintain your pool and the products they may be using.  This may also help you understand why you pay the monthly fees you pay to keep your pool clean and beautiful.  Having the essential pool maintenance products on hand will make keeping your pool the envy of the neighborhood and make your life more enjoyable, knowing you have what you need to get the job done the most efficient and effective way.


Basic Must Have Pool Maintenance Products

With all the pool maintenance products out there, what do you really need and what can you do without.  The following are the essential – must have – products:

  • Pool Test Kit
  • Telescoping Pole
  • Vacuum Head
  • Vacuum Hose
  • Skimmer Net
  • Pool Brush
  • Proper Chemicals – based on the type pool you have


There are many more pool maintenance products out there that you may or may not need.  The above seven are highly recommended in order to have the correct product to do the best job and achieve the look and pride of having a pool. Let’s take a look at what each of these products do and why you need it.


Pool Test Kit

A pool test kit consists of several vials of chemicals that you can use to test your pool water. These test for the levels of: PH, alkalinity, chorine, bromine, calcium, acidity, minerals, etc. based on the color changes to the water samples.  The test also includes a scale that helps you identify where the level is that you are testing so you can make whatever adjustments are necessary to correct the inconsistencies in the pool water.

Telescoping Pole

A telescoping pole is generally made of aluminum, but some are made of fiberglass.  Whichever you get, the pole can be adjusted to various lengths to make cleaning your pool easier.  The end of the telescoping pole has an open end with holes on the sides so that a variety of additional tools can be added to the pole for a wide range of cleaning applications.

Vacuum Head

A vacuum head attaches to the open end of the telescoping pole and is then inserted into the pool water to that the bottom and sides of the pool can be vacuum cleaned.

A Vacuum Hose

A vacuum hose is a hose that attaches to the vacuum head which has been attached to the telescoping pole.  The vacuum hose is then filled with water and quickly placed into the skimmer basket so that a suction is formed and thus the vacuum head can remove the dirt and algae from the bottom and sides of the pool and the vacuum hose provides a way for the gathered debris to be removed and put into the skimmer basket.

A Skimmer Net

A skimmer net can be attached to the open end of the telescoping pole and used to reach leaves and debris from the bottom of the pool when it is not necessary to vacuum the pool.

Pool Brush

A pool brush is attached to the open end of the telescoping pole and is necessary to loosen the algae and debris from the sides and bottom of the pool so that it can be vacuumed up.

Proper Pool Chemicals

Proper pool chemicals will be determined by the type of pool you have, and should be kept out of direct sunlight so that their chemical potency and efficiency isn’t affected.  If at all possible, keep them in a cool, dry place.  Most people have them stored in a covered area such as a shed, or covered deck in a deck box.  When storing chemicals, make sure to store any acids you may have away from the chlorine. Depending on the type of pool you have, your proper pool products will vary. If you have a salt water system, the proper pool chemical will consist of salt.  If you have a chlorine water pool, your chemical list will be chlorine, bromine, shock, algaecide, PH up, PH down (muriatic acid), baking soda, soda ash, clarifier, etc.  Pool chemicals are an essential part of keeping you pool clean and clear and ready to swim in at all times.

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