Replacing the Gasket Along the Bottom of Your Garage Door

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September 16, 2016
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Replacing the Gasket Along the Bottom of Your Garage Door

Garage door installation is not something that just anyone can do. It involves doing a lot of work with a door that is incredibly heavy, and springs that are under a great deal of pressure. However, there are some garage door installation projects that are not too extremely difficult to complete, if you have the right steps and tools in place. To keep the wind and rain from coming under your garage door, you need to make sure the rubber gasket stays in perfect shape. If you need a new one, here are the steps to do this garage door installation project yourself.

How to Perform a Garage Door Installation of the Rubber Door Gasket

The first step to this garage door installation project is to measure how wide your garage door is. Some are wider than others, so make sure you get an accurate measurement. Then you want to go to the hardware store and pick up a rubber gasket that is 6-8” longer than the measurement you took for your garage door.

The second step is to ensure that all power is cut to your garage door. The last thing you want is to be performing this garage door installation project only to have someone open the door and mess the whole thing up. Plus, you could get hurt if that happened, so ensure that it is completely unplugged, or turn the circuit to that part of your home completely off.

Third, you should find the handle that holds your garage door to the chain. Most of the time, when your initial garage door installation was performed, they left a rope with a red handle dangling down from near where the door stops when in an open position. You want to pull this handle and release the garage door from the chain.

Step four involves you manually lifting the door almost all the way open. You want the bottom of the garage door to come below the curve where the door goes from being vertical to being horizontal. Once you have the bottom just below that curve, take vice grips and put them on the track right underneath the level of the door. One on both sides will help hold the door in place while you do this garage door installation project.

The fifth step is to start at one end of the door, and pry the openings up that hold that gasket in place. Once one side is done, you need to repeat this on the other side so both openings are completely straight. Then you should straighten the same piece all along the bottom of the door.

The sixth step is easy. Pull out the old gasket, cutting it with a utility knife if necessary so you can begin the garage door installation of the new gasket.

Step number seven is to clean out all the debris that is clinging to the bottom of the garage door and plugging up the tracks your new gasket needs to go in. You want this area as clean as possible.

For step number eight, you need to lubricate the track. This can be done with a silicone spray meant to lubricate parts like this, or you can apply a bit of liquid dish detergent to the track so that the rubber gasket can slide into place easily.

Step number nine starts with you folding your gasket in half. Take the flange that is closest to you and thread that into the track. Then, pull the rest of the gasket into place. This part of the garage door installation can be made a little easier if you take the gasket and hold it up near the track, as it does in easier if there is not a downward bend.

In step ten, you push the new gasket about 3 inches past the end of the garage door (hence the extra at the hardware store). Fold the gasket right back onto itself, then slide that portion back into the door doubled up. Repeat on the other side the same way, and level the gasket off so it is even with both sides of your garage door.

Step eleven is removing the vice grips and lowering the garage door, slowly and carefully, back to the ground. You should then re-engage the garage door by connecting it once again to its power source.

The final step of this garage door installation project is step twelve. Now you must open and close the garage door. If you notice that your garage door only goes down just to come right back up again, then you need to look for the instructions you got during your garage door installation. The instruction manual will explain to you how to adjust the limit on the opener itself to where the pressure from the new gasket will not force it back up again.

Trusting the Experts in Garage Door Installation Projects

If you do not feel comfortable doing any type of garage door installation, you are not alone. That is when you should turn to the experts. They know how to do the different garage door installation projects safely, and in a way, that gives you a fully functional door when all is said and done.

For more help getting your garage door installation projects done, contact AGS Home Services at (940)343-7537 today. Let them know what you need done, and they will let you know how they can help!

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