Wood Staining and Restoration

AGS Home Services now offers restoration of wooden fences and other exterior wood structures for homes and businesses in the DFW Metroplex area. We come highly recommended due to the superior customer care and high-quality results our Denton fence restoration specialists provide to each and every client. Our customers also love the fact we can save them the cost of replacing their fences with our proven method for fence restoration in Denton, TX and the surrounding areas.
You'll love the results!
The Texas heat, mold, mildew, UV rays, and sprinkler damage can really wash out the look of your Denton fences, decks, and other wooden exterior structures. Plus, your wood fencing investment can be at stake if the problems continue. With temperatures reaching well over 100 during our hot summers, it's no wonder our Denton fences, decks, play equipment, and other exterior wood surfaces will quickly turn a dull gray. Weathered fences don't do anything for the value of your home or commercial property.

Don't buy new! Just Renew!

Our Denton wood restoration experts can save you the expensive cost of replacement for your fences, decks, pergolas, arbors, and more in most cases with our hydrochloride wash that will renew your wood surfaces. This is a bleaching process that will get rid of the damage that the harsh Texas elements have caused. Whether from algae, mold, mildew, or UV rays, our products work great. We do not recommend power washing the structure unless absolutely needed. This option depends on the age of the structure. Call now and let one of our Denton fence restoration specialists come out for a free diagnosis.

Fence Restoration and Durability

AGS Home Services only uses premium wood sealants, stains, and wash solutions to restore your fence and other exterior wood structures. Our products come from quality manufacturers like Wood Defender, a trusted name for wood restoration projects throughout the country. Our deck and fence staining products work beautifully to protect your valuable exterior wooden assets. The look of your fence or other wood structures will be kept aesthetically pleasing for years. With our durable, high-end products we can bring longevity to your exterior wooden structures.

    Benefits of Using Our Wood Restoration Products

    Helps prevent water absorption
    Inhibits the growth of fungus and mildew
    Has special UV ray protection and properties
    Is a paraffin oil based sealant that helps protect the structure of the wood
    Is VOC compliant
    Our sealant has a life expectancy of 3-5 years
    All sealant and restoration jobs come with a limited 2 year warranty

Why Choose Us for Fence Restoration in Denton, TX and the Surrounding Area?

When working on fence restoration in Denton, TX and the surrounding areas, AGS Home Services makes sure to keep your existing pools, pool equipment, spas, fountains, and other outdoor structures or equipment covered so no damages occur during our restoration services. Your lawn and other plantings will be protected with either tarps, plastics, or by other means. Driveways, concrete sidewalks and other areas will be washed upon fence restoration completion. Our wood restoration products will remove years of abuse from the harsh climate here in Texas.
Don't replace your wood fence — renew it!

Call our Denton fence restoration experts today so we can restore your curb appeal!